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With the change of season, how about getting those worn out SCREENS fixed?  Catron's Glass can rescreen and repair your old screen or fabricate an entirely new screen.  We have several types of screen material, including PetScreen,  ...

Glass,  Mirror,  &  Screen Repair

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We can also replace your fogged or broken double-pane glass with an
all NEW Insulated Glass Unit complete with a warranty against seal failure.  Call Today for more information, or to arrange for a FREE quote!


We also carry pattern glass, including the popular  "Seedy" glass.  Come visit our showroom and see the various patterns available.

Does your picture or window have glass that is cracked or broken? Catron's Glass can cut and install new glass for any flat glass issue. 

  .. and screen frame in a variety of finishes. 
Why wait? 
Bring your screens in today!


Need GLASS for that new desk, dresser, or table -  maybe a MIRROR for a bathroom or dance wall?  Catron's Glass can cut, polish, and install glass and mirror for whatever you may need.  Call or stop in to see how we can help you with your project(s).